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Discraft Ace Race 2013

Stay tuned for more details. Help get the word out and let's see if there is some interest. 25 dollars to play ¬†- you get an insane player pack whether you can make the event or not. October is the…

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League Results 7/27/13

Thorpe Handicap CTP Winner: Ben Dantouze Player Average Score Result Ben Dantouze 57.25 -3 -6.2 Dale Rehm 61.625 2 -5.6 Brad Cislo 59.375 0 -5.3 Barley 51.625 -7 -4.7 Marcus Norling 54.75 -3 -3.7 Tom Cislo 61.5 4 -3.5 Jarod…

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League Results 7/23/13

Monsoon rains made for cool conditions with a little mud. CTP Winner: Jerry Novak ('13 Jerry disc from Snowflake Steve) Player Average Score Result Sean Smith 66.4 1 -11.4 Tim H. 58 -3 -7 Jared Pensinger 61 0 -7 Nate…

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Saturday League will now alternate venues

Due to popular demand, we will start alternating Saturday Leagues between Snowbowl and Thorpe. This Saturday, 7/27, league will be Thorpe handicap at 10am. The following week, 8/3, we will play Snowbowl doubles. Check the FDGC calendar for more info.

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League Results 7/16/13

Monsoon rains brought cool weather and good playing conditions despite some mud & mosquitos. CTP Winner: Barley #8 short Player Average Score Result Matt King 54.25 -6 -6.2 Nicole Bradley 54.25 -5 -5.2 Rob Schales 54.25 -5 -5.2 Bobby Harding…

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League Results 7/2/13

We played in the aftermath of a crazy early monsoon storm that brought hail and cool weather to the area. CTP: Matt Tromm Player Average Score Handi Result Ryan Johnson 51.4 -5 2.6 -2.4 Wayne Hanks 50 -5 4 -1…

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League Results 6/25/13

McPherson Par 55 (played #15 from long pad) CTP Winners: Ryan Johnson, Ryan Olson Player Average Score Handi Result Dan Roche 60 -3 -6 -9 Charlie C. 58.625 -2 -4.6 -6.6 Julia 73 13 -19 -6 Josh Garcia 61.5 3…

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Saturday Snowbowl League

Until we vote on a different format, let's play random draw doubles this Saturday. Try to be there by 10:45 at the latest. We can have an a/b pool split if the player field allows.

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