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Locate, get maps, find tee positions and more about Flagstaff's premier disc golf courses.


Get in on the action and join the #FDGC for some friendly competition play. Twice a week with payouts, Ace pools, and prizes.


We love plastic! Get the skinny on the best places to buy your discs in Flagstaff or online, learn what to buy, and place a request for those special pieces.

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Ft. Tuthill


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Weekly Leagues

The Flagstaff Disc Golf Club holds league play twice a week, every week. We are currently working on getting leagues back in order while keeping COVID safety precautions in place. Hold on tight while we work out the kinks! 

Check out our Facebook page and Group for League and Course Updates.

How to Play

Learn the basics from our Club pros and curated tips, tricks, and how-tos from the World's Best.

Bag Tag Rules

Learn how to play disc golf with a bit of competition. See what it takes to compete in our Bag Tag circuit. Join the FDCG to get your own custom club Bag Tag.

What's in a Disc?

Learn about the brands, discs types, differences in plastics and more. Download the latest disc flight charts.

Disc Golf Etiquette

Curious about the right way to enjoy disc golf with others? Get some etiquette tips to on how to play the game, stay safe, and make some friends along the way.

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About Disc Golf

Learn the basics of the disc golf game or get serious and learn how to compete with the big dogs! Take a minute to read up on our club rules, disc golf etiquette, how to choose a disc, and how to make the game more enjoyable.