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Disc Review – Discraft Ti Drone

by Barley

tiDroneI added the Discraft Titanium Drone to my bag a few months ago and it has been a predictable utility disc for certain situations.

It is by nature a slow and overstable disc, but not so much that it can’t be thrown far. I once saw Cale Leiviska throw a drone about 370 feet on a frozen rope at Vista del Camino.

I use it for upshots that need to sit down quickly whether it is thrown with a backhand or forehand shot. It is particularly useful for forehand upshots because it really resists the turn from the force of this type of shot.

I consider this disc the “sand wedge” in my bag, when I need a shot to get to the green and settle without floating past the pin. Check out the Discraft Drone Page for more information.


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