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League Results 3/26/13

I went back over the scorecards and there were some errors b/c of the par 55. It didn't make much of a difference of the final standings. CTP Winner: Nate Genthner NAME SCORE HANDI RESULT Barley -6 3.5 -2.5 Rob…

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League Results 2/5/13

Warm weather brought out some players and even though the course was a bit muddy, there were some good scores! CTP Winner: Josh Devlin #14 Name Handi Score Result Wayne Hanks -2.1 -9 -6.9 Barley -3 -8 -5 Damien 11…

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Rain & Snow Leagues

With all the rain and snow, there have been some troopers out at league the last few days! Seven of us played NAU in the rain Saturday and got waterlogged. Five of us braved the fresh snow, cold winds and…

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League Results 1/12/13

We braved the brutally cold weather which never got out of the teens. CTP Winner: Roy Lopez Player Handi Score Result Roy Lopez 50.8 -7 -3.8 Jeremy Novak 51.5 -2 0.5 Bill Block 59.5 7 1.5 JC Schmitz 54.25 3…

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League Results 1/8/13

Golden Shovel Award: Chris Johnston & Barley CTP: Nate Genthner Player AVG Score Add Total Jerry Novak 54.375 -4 -0.3 -4.3 Roy Lopez 50.8 -7 3.2 -3.8 Barley 49.8 -7 4.2 -2.8 JC Schmitz 55 0 -1 -1 Josh Devlin…

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