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Thorpe Work Weekend Update

Thanks to everyone who helped today & yesterday! (too many to mention by name) We cleaned up #3. There is a much better line to the hole now!

We installed the new sleeves on 4 & 14 and trimmed branches on 14 (and the guardian tree just off the teepad is no longer there). Lots of landscaping & cleaning happened.

Hole 9 (check out the photo) is a monster I created. It is one of the best & challenging holes Flagstaff has seen but is taking a lot of work. Removing New Mexico locusts is no fun but once they are mostly removed (and aren’t regrowing) this hole has the potential for multiple pin placements & fairways. If everything goes well, this will be the new hole 9 for Thorpe.

We started at the green area and worked backward. It’s looking WAY better but still needs some hours to make it a legitimate hole. Two rubber teepads were installed & tested. The long pad is approximately 570′ & the short is around 365.

We need to have a few more work days to get this hole ready for treebash. I’m going to try to get out there in the early evenings to chisel away at it. Let me know if & when you can put in an hour or so.

Hole 6 alternate needs some work around the approach / green area. There is a lot of debris on the ground that should probably be wheelbarrowed out. Let me know if you are willing to work on this.

For those who put enough time in, I will do my best to compensate you with things like disc-counts, beverages, etc.



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