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Thorpe Park work weekend update


Thanks to James Eyrich, Joe Doyle and Joel McMillin for working with me at Thorpe today. We achieved quite a bit for 3 1/3 people (me being the 1/3 physically).

We prepped hole 4 for the pin installment tomorrow. Dug the hole and cut some small impeding pines. Distance is approx. 409′

Dug the hole for 14 (approx. 310 ft.) but hit solid rock about a foot down. We decided to keep the hole and try to anchor the sleeve in the rock by drilling the it in one or two ways: in the center for the pole to slide into or two smaller holes for rebar to anchor the concrete to the rock. If anyone has capable cordless drilling equipment, please post here and bring it tomorrow.

We worked on the #9 treebash hole (which I am going to try to make permanent) and determined logical areas for a short and long teepad (didn’t measure, but I’m guessing 360′ & 800′). We started with the green area and took out a large amount of thorny locusts. It’s starting to take shape. I hope we can continue this process tomorrow and the during next week. This is going to be one of the most challenging and epic holes at Thorpe.


We are starting work tomorrow at 10am and will be there until we finish! Please come out if you can at anytime. I will bring beer and snacks. We have lots of tools but still need loppers and treesaws. We will be pouring concrete so we need a way to haul water in to #4 (right off the road) and #14 (not too far but uphill). We also need a level and a pole from an existing basket for leveling.

Bring gloves for working on the locusts. It’s tough work but is rewarding.



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