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Stewards of the Forest!

Hello all, it seems now more then ever there is a spike in the number of people playing our local courses. I think now is a good time to introduce you all to the new Flagstaff course representatives. It is up to all of us to keep our courses clean, happy, and healthy. However, these are the individuals you can contact in regards to matters you believe either we as a club, or the City of Flagstaff need to attend to.

McPherson – Tyler Winston and Tim Hauck

Thorpe Park – Daniel Crim and Steven Carrillo

NAU – (Myself) Jacob McDaniel

Fort Tuthill – Stan Johnson

Please do not contact these fine gentlemen in regards to changing basic locations. When we have deemed it’s safe and are ready to move pins we will be changing the Flagstaff courses on a monthly to bi-monthly basis.

Huge shoutout to Steven Carrillo for seeing the Thorpe trashcan was over flowing with close to 30 lbs of fast food wrappers and old beer cans. He took initiative and hauled the trash to nearest dumpster. Do Steven a favor a pick up a piece or two on your next round and leave it better then you found it!

Stay clean and lead by example!


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