Tuesday League @ McPherson Park
Jul 7 @ 4:15 pm – 7:00 pm
Tuesday League @ McPherson Park | Flagstaff | Arizona | United States

Meet below hole one near Jay Lively at 4:15, we will try to tee off by 4:45. Check out the latest McPherson handicap averages.

Here is how it works: The first time a player comes out, he/she establishes their handicap (average) for the course. The cost is $1 and that player is not eligible for prizes that day. After you have an established handicap, the cost per league is $5. At the end of the round, all the scores are entered and everyone’s handicap is calculated. We pay out the top 40-45% each week in new discs and other prizes.

Every other week we use one of two methods to determine the groupings (usually foursomes). One week is random draw and the next is sorted by average scores so the groupings are tournament-like. So, if a player is averaging 58.5 (+4.5) and shoots a 54 (even par), then his/her result for that league is -4.5

Check out the current averages at McPherson:http://flagstaffdiscgolf.org/mcpherson-handicap-scores/

After a player has ten recorded scores, the system drops the highest and lowest, averaging the remaining eight. If a player averages under par (which is 54), their remaining handicap is 80% of their average. For example, is a player averages 5-under 49, their handicap is 50.

We usually have a closest-to-the-pin prize and an optional ace pool and birdie club.

Thursday Summer League @ Rotating Courses
Jul 9 @ 5:00 pm

9 week summer league – Singles – non-handicap – Open and Am division Open and Am : Cash Payout – You will play Open if you carry a handicap below 0 at any local course and league discretion 35-40 % payout in each division, 100 % payout. Signups start at 5pm. We will try to tee off around 5:15.

$5 entry plus optional $1 ace pot.

Courses will rotate alphabetically – McP, NAU, Thorpe

June 11 McP
June 18 NAU
June 25 Thorpe
July 2 McP
July 9 NAU
July 16 Thorpe
July 23 McP
July 30 NAU
August 6 Thorpe

Saturday League @ Thorpe Park
Jul 11 @ 9:45 am – 12:30 pm

Saturday League is back at Thorpe Park for the season. Daniel Crim will has volunteered to run this league through the summer. See you out there on Saturdays!

  • 15 to 20 week season TBD but probably finishing at the end of August
  • $5 buy-in
  • $1 optional ace pool
  • Random draw for groupings with the TD starting on hole 1.
  • We will use existing Thorpe handicap scores for those who have them and the existing handicap formulas.
  • If you do not have a Thorpe handicap, you must play once to establish a handicap
  • You do not have to pay to establish
  • There is a prize for lowest handicap for the season
  • For the purposes of lowest handicap for the season, you have to play at least eight times
  • Cash payout directly after the conclusion of that week’s round
  • Bag tags on the line every time but just within the group
  • If the TD has thrown his first tee shot, you can still get in, but you have to pay double.  The extra $5 will be added to prizes.


League Results 6/30/15

The monsoon rains missed us so conditions were ideal being overcast with a little wind. CTP Winner: Roy Lopez #4 Player Handicap Score Result Kip Gleason 2.7 -8 -10.7 Trevor Mee -1.3 -7 -5.7 Roy Lopez -1.9 -7 -5.1 Barley…

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Saturday League Results 6/20/15

Player Handicap Score Total Payout Ben Dantouze 1.5 -3 -4.5 $16 Bobby Harding 1.6 0 -1.6 $9 Barley -2.8 -4 -1.2 Daniel Crim 1.8 2 0.2 Caden 28 35 7 ------- established: Nick R. 65 West 54 Julia 70

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League Results 6/23/15

Warm weather brought out a great group of players. No aces were hit although the course is in a short setup. CTP Winner: Luke Wade Player Handicap Score Result Grace 18 9 -9 Josh Garcia 2.3 -5 -7.3 Justin Singleton…

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Videos of the Week

For state-wide tournament info and to register or renew for the Arizona Disc Golf Club, check them out the new azdgc.com!


Photo of the Month


Ben Rosenberg approaches on #15 at league. Cairn by N8 & Trevor Mee.

Flagstaff Disc Golf Club
Flagstaff Disc Golf ClubThursday, July 2nd, 2015 at 5:00pm
#12 at McPherson getting green & lush. RJ sizing up his putt.
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Flagstaff Disc Golf Club
Flagstaff Disc Golf ClubWednesday, July 1st, 2015 at 8:10am
The monsoon rains missed us so conditions were ideal being overcast with a little wind. CTP Winner: Roy Lopez #4 Player Handicap Score Result Kip Gleason 2.7 -8 -10.7 Trevor Mee -1.3 -7 -5.7 Roy Lopez -1.9 -7 -5.1 Barley -4 -8 -4 Wayne Hanks -3.3 -7 -3.7 Grace 16.2 13 -3.2 Rob Schales -0.3 -4 -3.7 Justin Singleton 6.6 5 -1.6 Steve Johnston -0.6 -2 -1.4 Josh Garcia 1.3 2 0.7 Curtis Knott -3.4 -3 0.4 Kenji Cassady 4.2 5 0.8 Stan Johnson 1.8 3 1.2 Nate Gordon 6.8 9 2.2 Billy Bennett 14 17 3 Tony Beckett 2.5 6 3.5 Chris Johnston 4.1 999 994.9 established:

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Flagstaff Disc Golf Club
Flagstaff Disc Golf ClubTuesday, June 30th, 2015 at 8:59am
We are getting attention from the "traditional" golf community. Very nice.
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Flagstaff Disc Golf Club
Flagstaff Disc Golf Club shared a photo.Monday, June 29th, 2015 at 1:11pm
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