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Treebash Course Maps!


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2013_treebash_thorpe_am_webCheck out this year’s Treebash Course Maps for McPherson and Thorpe. Each course has an Amateur and Pro layout, so be sure to study the correct one for your division. The baskets on both courses are currently in the pro layout, so if you are practicing as an amateur, take note of the short pin placements on: Thorpe #3 & 4 and McPherson #12. Ams will be playing to the baskets on these placements.

Pro/Am layout differences and alternates:

#3 – am short placement, pro long in the rocks
#4 – am short placement, pro long in the rocks
#6 – everyone plays alternate rubber pad to basket up in rocks
#7 – everyone plays alternate rubber pad on north side of path
#9 – pros play long rubber pad (par 4), ams play short rubber pad (par 3)
*during the tournament, the basket will be shorter than the 9c placement and on the road

#9 – ams play to normal placement straight ahead, pros play par4 to rock
#10 – ams play the long concrete pad, pros play long rubber pad
*special rule: if any shot lands out of bounds over the fence on the left, the player has the option of normal ob rules or throwing the next shot from a concrete teepad  drop zone after the one stroke penalty. The am drop zone is the short concrete pad – the pro drop zone is the long concrete pad.
#12 – ams play to short placement, pros play to long placement
#14 – ams play from the concrete pad , pros play the long rubber pad
#17 – ams play from the concrete pad , pros play the long rubber pad

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