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League Results 4/15

Beautiful Spring weather in the wake of the Blood Moon Eclipse brought out a good crew and great scoring. Hole-in-one: Roy Lopez #17 - $150 CTP Winner: Brett Austin #18 Player Handicap Score Result Ryne Gray 53.2 -7 -6.3 Rob…

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League Results 3/25/14

We had a good turnout for a nice Spring day at McPherson. Hole-in-one: Nate Genthner #3 CTP Winner: Marcus Norling #13 PLAYER HANDICAP SCORE RESULT Wayne Hanks 50.3 -7 -3.3 Chris Johnston 57.625 1 -2.6 Mike Lahn 52.6 -4 -2.6…

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League Results 1/21/14

Nice weather brought out several players. Hole in one: Ryan Johnson $150 Player Handicap Result Marcus Norling 52.6 -7.6 Julia Doolittle 64.42857 -6.4 Mike Lahn 53.1 -4.2 Nicole Bradley 53.4 -3.4 Ryan Johnson 49.4 -2.4 Derek Cockerham 59.25 -2.2 Eric…

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League Results 10/26/13

Thorpe Park Handicap - nice weather in the low 60's and breezy. Hole-in-one: Barley #1 CTP Winner: Bobby Harding #14a Player Handicap Score Result Derek Cockerham 67.33333 5 -8.3 Sean Sullivan 68 8 -6 Ben Rosenberg 56.57143 -2 -4.5 Stan…

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League Results 10/22/13

Temperatures  in the low 60's and just enough breeze provided nice playing conditions. HOLE IN ONE! Congratulations to Josh Devlin for hitting his first ace in 8 years. His $150 ace on #2 was hit with a Villain forehand shot.…

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League Results 8/13/13

We had a 2013 record 33 players, great weather and nice scoring. Pre-round aces were hit by Stan Johnson and Barley (ugh!) On his last hole, Rob Schales hit an ace and walked with $150. Nice Rob! CTP Winner: Ben…

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