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League Results 6/3/14

Summer is officially here! We had temperatures in the 80's with the usually gusty winds. For an extra challenge, we played #15 from the long pad to the long placement, making it a true par 4. #17 was also played…

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League Results 5/20/14

Super gusty winds didn't keep golfer from scoring well. Little did we know the smoke clouds were the start of the Slide Fire. One week later, the fire is still burning. CTP Winner: Ryan Johnson Player Handicap Score Result Bill…

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League Results 5/13/14

Windy conditions were still in abundance but today the usual wind direction changed drastically. We played hole ten from the super long teepad (pretty much a par 4 although we scored it as a par 3). CTP Winner: Josh Garcia…

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League Results 5/6/14

There were¬†super windy conditions that made for tough scoring. We played 15 from the long pad, essentially a par 4. CTP Winner: Brett Austin Player Handicap Score Result Brett Austin 59.25 2 -3.2 Barley 51.2 -2 0.8 Ryan Johnson 50.9…

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League Results 4/29/14

The last April league was windy as usual but we all had a good time. CTP Winner: Roy Lopez Player Handicap Score Result Brett Austin 59.66667 -1 -6.6 Tim Hauk 53.6 -5 -4.7 Roy Lopez 51 -6 -3 Ryan Johnson…

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League Results 4/22/14

  • April 22, 2014
  • News

Winds were gusting in the 30's or more for the entire round (estimated). We call this Spring in Flagstaff! CTP Winner: Barley #8 short Birdie Club winner: Barley $27 Player Handicap Score Result Nate Genthner 49.2 -8 -3.2 Barley 51…

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League Results 4/15

Beautiful Spring weather in the wake of the Blood Moon Eclipse brought out a good crew and great scoring. Hole-in-one: Roy Lopez #17 - $150 CTP Winner: Brett Austin #18 Player Handicap Score Result Ryne Gray 53.2 -7 -6.3 Rob…

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League Results 4/8/14

Unseasonable weather in the mid 70's brought out 24 players for some McPherson league action. CTP Winner: Matt King #9 Player Handicap Score Result Roy Lopez 51.7 -10 -7.7 Rob Schales 54.75 -4 -4.7 Jeremy Novak 50.4 -7 -3.4 Nate…

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League Results 4/1/14

No foolin, there was some serious wind happening on the course. Roy Lopez was the only one with a bogey-free round. CTP Winner: Jerry Novak Player Handicap Score Result Jeremy Novak 50.6 -7 -3.6 Roy Lopez 51.8 -4 -1.8 Tony…

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