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Winter Update

Hello FDGC!! Some news and updates!!

2018 FDGC Memberships are now available to purchase. The FDGC will be a PDGA affiliate club for 2018. With your membership we will provide you a code to receive a discount off your 2018 PDGA membership. All renewing members receive a discount off their FDGC membership as well!!

Please contact me directly to make the purchases.

Lifers and 2017 Team Flag members should expect their gifts by the end of the year or early next year.

There will be no Team Flag in 2018. The only way to receive an early tournament entry will be by purchasing a lifetime membership, which will now include all FDGC tournaments.

There will no longer be a dollar discount/penalty at Tuesday handicap leagues for members/non-members.

While gift card payout is more popular among players, the 2017 margins equaled out to about .20 cents per player/per week for the club vs. 2016 at 70/week. Tuesday league expenses cover general maintenance of all our courses. Mostly buying new locks. Rather than increasing cost payout will be reduced from 40%-36% to 35%-30%. The only mitigating factor in this change is if enough members express their desire to increase cost by a dollar per person per week.


In the past 2 months the FDGC placed a bid to host the 2019 PDGA Amateur World Championships. This bid was lead by Ryan Johnson, Bill Block, and myself. We also received a significant amount of support from the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau.

While our proposal was strong and well received, we were not chosen to host the 2019 AM Worlds.

With that, our plan is to take the feedback from the PDGA, and to couple that with our current growth plans to better position ourselves to host the 2020 AM Worlds.

What we will need help in is the prompt installation of FT. Tuthill. The sooner installation of the course happens after final approval the better.

We are awaiting final approval from the PDGA, but expect one of our major tournaments to be an A-Tier in 2018. READ BETWEEN THE LINES HERE PEOPLE. A-Tiers require PDGA membership. FDGC membership=PDGA Membership discount. If you bitch about this after 6 months notice I’ll immediately shut you down and point you to this post.

There are many other tournaments and events in the works.

While many of you drive me crazy, doing work for our community and playing disc golf makes my world go round.

Cheers to the best Disc Golf Club in the Universe!!

Josh Garcia
FDGC President


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