THE LEAGUE - Disc Golf League in Flagstaff, AZ

A PDGA Sanctioned Disc Golf League

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2021 Divisional Champions

(We're Coming For You!)

MPO Champ

Derick McCabe

MP40 Champ

Roy Lopez

MA1 Champ

Steven Carrillo

MA40+ Champ

Greg Kendall

MA50+ Champ

Tom Verstraete

MA2 Champ

Alex Stone

MA3 Champ

Chris Etling



How to Join THE LEAGUE

2022 Commissioners

  • Nicholas Allen
  • Tom Verstraete
  • Patrick Neese
  • Alex Stone

Read These Rules!

Read These Rules!

General Rules and Details

  • LEAGUE Dues + Optional Ace Pool ($50/$25) are due before the first disc is thrown.
    • Scores will not be recorded otherwise.
    • Your $50 Dues will cover all three sessions of 2022.
  • Session Fees are due by Jun 1, 2022.
    • Session Winners to be paid out at the end of the season.
  • All sanctioned PDGA Tournament rules apply.
    • The only exception to these rules is the presence of alcohol.
  • PDGA Tournament Rules and Regulations:
  • All groups must consist of at least three (3) registered LEAGUE participants;
    • or a LEAGUE Commissioner or a designated official present, if less than three (3) registered LEAGUE participants.
  • Maintain reasonable group sizes for speed of play.
  • All official scoring will be recorded using the PDGA Live Scoring App / Website.
  • Alternate Scoring is highly suggested ( additional UDISC card or Paper).
  • Rules of Play
    • No follow through within 10 meters.
    • Must be clearly playing behind the disc lie.
    • No altering the course (trees, bushes, etc) in any way.
    • A disc can be “altered” with a ribbon or other marking device during our winter session(s).
    • Two (2) players on the same card will be required to enforce any infractions of rules in which case the player accused of the fault will be cost a stroke.
    • Measurements for 10 meters will not be used, use your best judgment. If 2 or more players in a group determine you are within the 10 meter circle you will need to show balance. If you aren’t sure, ask the players on your card first.
    • Barring any emergencies, if you start a round it will be recorded.
    • The maximum allowable strokes will be recorded for any holes missed during the round.
    • Any infractions resulting from questionable integrity, cheating, or unfair play will result in disqualification.
      • LEAGUE Commissioners will have the final say.
      • No refunds will be issued.
  • Days and times eligible for play are:
    • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
    • Sunday from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM will serve as a single makeup round day, if no other rounds are recorded that week.
    • Makeup rounds must be played on the same course during the same session.
    • Makeup rounds are not submitted to the PDGA for sanctioned scoring.
  • You can record a maximum of four (4) rounds in one week.
  • Each eligible day of the week serves as a separate PDGA Sanctioned League. (Four scoring opportunities.)
  • How to Maximize Play:
    • Play one round each eligible day of the week, Wednesday through Saturday.

League Scoring & PDGA Sanctioned Play

Prizes and Payouts

  • Closest to Pin or Longest Drive prizes to be announced the week of.
  • The Ace pool will be $750+  and will be evenly distributed to all that hit an ace during the 2022 Season during LEAGUE play.
    • Witnesses required. Photo or video should be posted to social media for record.
  • You must complete 25 rounds to be eligible for Divisional Championships.
  • Maximum number of rounds possible in 2022 is 96. (4 rounds per week x 24 weeks = 96)
  • LEAGUE Dues + Optional Ace Pool ($50/$25) are due before the first disc is thrown.
    • Scores will not be recorded otherwise.
  • Session Fees are due by Jun 1, 2022.
    • Session Winners to be paid out at the end of the season.
  • Top 2 divisional players will be paid for each division.
  • Divisional Playoffs will be held with a Finals event at the end of the last 2022 Session.
  • Remaining cash will be distributed amongst divisional champions and to be paid at the end of the year.
  • Total payouts will be dependent on registered players and added sponsor cash accumulated through Session 3
  • Divisional Champions will receive entry into all 2023 FDGC Events.



THE LEAGUE - Disc Golf League in Flagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff Disc Golf Club | Flagstaff, AZ

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