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Message from local disabled vet looking for players

Name: Rob Davies


Comments: This is my first year of really getting into disc golf. At Thorpe I usually finish between even and +4 according to the recreational par scores listed at the tees. I usually drive between 250′-300′. I usually play with friends that are at my level or below, or as a single. I really want to improve my game, and from what I’ve read on the internet, I have learned that one of the best ways to improve my game is to play with players better than I am. I would like to play with any FDGC members willing to have me in their group. I don’t want to bog down anybody, but I would like to watch people’s techniques, and accept any helpful hints on my techniques. I would also like to learn proper game protocol so I participate in league play. I am a disabled vet, and I cannot drive for medical reasons. I live downtown, and right now Thorpe is the only course I can get to on my own. I am available to play at any-time after 8:00 AM. Thanks Rob  (928) 373-8217



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