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Fort Tuthill Master Plan Meeting Thursday, 5/3

I attended the meeting. The focus was broad and they were mainly concerned about the grand scope of Fort Tuthill, including traffic flow and placement of parking lots and recreation areas such as the fairground elements, equestrian park, mountain bike areas, etc.

After many public comments, I inquired about the possibility of a disc golf course between the campground and the archery range. The speaker did say that they felt like a disc golf course was a low-cost and low-impact activity that could be added to the park. He also said that they need to determine the demand for a new course according to the needs of the Flagstaff community.

A woman in the crowd asked if the “NAU Course was turning players away” (due to demand). The speaker turned it over to me and I said that all three of the courses in the city are extremely popular and that traffic is high enough to warrant another course. (not quite that eloquently though).

Then next public meeting will be on Wednesday, June 6th. This will be a good day for us to attend and let our voices be heard. I will try to work with the County reps ahead of time to let them know our intent. I Hope to see a good showing of disc golf enthusiasts that want to sit through a public meeting and show support for a new course!



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