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Birdie Club

BIRDIE CLUB starts Tuesday June 19th : Here’s how it works.

Before each round 5 holes will be randomly selected and you have to birdie (not necessarily score a 2) all 5 holes to collect the purse. It costs $2 to enter each week and if no one makes birdie on all 5 holes, the pot pushes til the next Tuesday league. This is separate from league $ and completely optional!

Note: you must pay to be in the birdie club before the layout is announced! These are the following holes where a 3 will count as a birdie @ McP : Hole 8 long left, hole 9 in the rock, hole 10 from the flypad (both basket locations), and hole 15 from the flypad (both basket locations) It is really important that you start scoring your round on the correct hole

Any questions, post here or ask me at league tomorrow.

We did this at Dretzka league back in Milwaukee and you’d be surprised how fast the $ accumulates.


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