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League Results 4/14/15

Possibly the windiest league in 2015, sixteen players braved the 40+mph gusts in style. CTP Winner: Bill Block #17 Player Handicap Score Result Travis Lamb 57.33333 -1 -4.3 Tony Beckett 55.625 0 -1.6 Trevor Paquet 57.25 2 -1.2 Jessica 67.25…

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League Results 4/7/15

The Spring winds are back! We had gusty conditions for most of the round, calming down toward the end. CTP Winner: Barley #13 Player Handicap Score Result Kip Gleason 56.125 -1 -3.1 Trevor Mee 53 -4 -3 Eric Lukkari 53.8…

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Saturday League Results 4/4/15

Twelve players came out to Thorpe Park for the first Saturday cash-payout handicap league. Bill Block sweeps up by getting first place and obtaining the #1 FDGC bag tag! Player Handicap Score Result Payout Bill Block 7.8 2 -5.8 $22…

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League Results 3/31/15

33 players showed up for a record-setting attendance for any league in March. The usual Spring winds arrived today and made scoring difficult. CTP Winner: Jared Hart #18 Player Handicap Score Result Barley 51.3 -9 -6.3 Travis Lamb 60 0…

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League Results 3/24/15

Spring has sprung. We met at the new league headquarters and it worked out well. Temps were in the low 60's and it was quite gusty at times. CTP Winner: Trevor Mee #5b Player Handicap Score Result Nina 75.85714 12…

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League Results 3/10/15

15 players came out to enjoy some golf and the snow melt that gave us a beautiful drainage brook that gave us a seasonal water hazard on a few holes. We had snow, sun, mud, puddles and unusual wind currents.…

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League Results 2/24/15

Twelve players came out to play in the snow before the big storm hit. CTP Winner: Barley #10 short teepad Player Handicap Score Result Nathaniel Lee 65.5 2 -9.5 Cruze Walker 75.5 12 -9.5 Josh Garcia 55 -5 -6 Kenji…

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