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Starting in 2012, FDGC will collect lost discs and attempt to get them back to the rightful owner. Check back here soon for a list of discs in the lost-and-found. If you have lost a disc or found one , please use the contact page to let us know!

For the time spent cataloging and returning a disc, FDGC requests a suggested $1 fee per disc that will go into a fund that helps to maintain and improve local courses.


Lost something of value? That 10 year old, 5 ace holding disc? Contact us and let us know where you lost your Precious anything and we’ll check out the Found box, make an announcement for you, and make sure that we keep an eye out for it too.


Did you find something? Send as quick email about what you found or swing it by Aspen Sports on San Francisco St. and drop it off with our most generous stewards. Soon we’ll have a list of what we have currently, stay tuned!

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