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League Results 3/26/13

I went back over the scorecards and there were some errors b/c of the par 55. It didn't make much of a difference of the final standings. CTP Winner: Nate Genthner NAME SCORE HANDI RESULT Barley -6 3.5 -2.5 Rob…

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League Results 3/5/13

Warmer weather brings out more players! CTP winner: Damien Name Handicap Score Result Barley 51.7 -8 -5.7 Jerry Novak 55.5 -4 -5.5 Nate Genthner 48.9 -10 -4.9 Roy Lopez 51.7 -7 -4.7 Chris Johnston 60.375 2 -4.3 Alvin Ashley 54.51875…

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Congrats to Stan!

Congratulations to Stan Johnson who took first place in the Advanced Senior Grandmaster division at the Memorial!

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