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Flagstaff Disc Golf Club - All things Disc Golf in Flagstaff, Arizona

League Results 1/7/14

Nice January weather hovered in the high 40's while the most of the country experiences the coldest weather in a while. Birdie Club Winner: Nate Genthner $162 Closest-to-the-Pin: Rob Schales Player Handi Score Result Nate Genthner 49.2 -11 -6.2 Derek…

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League Results 12/17/14

Fourteen players came out for league during snowy conditions at McPherson. CTP Winner: Bill Block Player Handicap Score Result Bill Block 60.75 3 -3.7 Nicole Bradley 54.5 -3 -3.5 Tim Hauck 52.9 -4 -2.9 Chris Johnston 58.625 2 -2.6 Eric…

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League Results 12/10/13

  • December 10, 2013
  • News

Four brave souls completed league today on a cold and snowy day. CTP Winner: Barley #10 short Player Handicap Score Result Barley 50.3 -4 -0.3 Matt King 52.8 -1 0.2 Marcus Norling 52.6 -1 0.4 Chris Johnston 58.375 9 4.7

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League Results 12/3/13

Oh, the wind and the cold. Winter is here but league is alive. Eleven of us braved the cold winds on a beautiful day at McPherson Park. CTP Winner: Josh Devlin #13 Player Handicap Deviation Score Result Marcus Norling 53.7…

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USDGC on Television

From Aired on 24 Regional Sports Networks throughout the nation and Barbados, the half-hour broadcast was the season finale for the 19-show Beach Sports Network was available to 82.2 million households.¬† After the highly successful DGPtv produced shows that…

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League Results 11/26/13

It was a brisk November day, but twenty brave souls come out to play McPherson on Turkey Week. CTP Winner: Jerod Benefield Player Handicap Score Result Chris Johnston 58.75 -1 -5.7 Julia Doolittle 66.4 7 -5.4 Sean Sullivan 63.57143 5…

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League Results 11/19/13

  • November 19, 2013
  • News

[title size="3"]McPherson Park Handicap[/title] We had cool but pleasant weather with gusty winds as a winter storm approaches. CTP Winner: Barley #18 alt position Player Handicap Score Result Marcus Norling 56 -5 -7 Josh Nelson 52.6 -4 -2.6 Bill Block…

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