2012 Treebash Open Volunteer Signup

The Flagstaff Disc Club is always proud to host a quality Treebash tournament every year. In order for this to happen, several volunteer positions need to be filled. Please sign up for one or more of these spots if you are able to. Do not over-commit yourself! Volunteers that donate a considerable amount of time will be compensated in merchendise.
    I will deliver the letter to potential sponsors.
    I will spend time before the tournament to remove trash and debris from the courses, including excessive rocks near tees and greens.
    I will help install temporary sponsor teesigns on the tournament courses.
    I will help to set up the courses in their tournament layouts. This will involve arriving to the courses very early to make sure everything is in place, including temp teesigns, navigation signs, baskets, etc. I will also assist with make sure all is broken down and removed at the end of the day.
    I will help with player check-in on Friday, Saturday, or both. This includes handing out player packages.
    I will help with the addition and recording of player scorecards following each round of play. This includes sorting namecards divisionally according to total score and setting up scorecard pairings for subsequent rounds.
    I will help out with distributing beverages to players, including delivering and stocking iced coolers at tournament central as well as water dispensers around the course.
    I will help with setting up the ez-up canopy, table, chairs, first aid station, and all things associated with tournament central.
    I will help organize the closest-to-the-pin markers on each course, including set-up, collection and recording of ctp winners for each hole.
    I will help with the post-event awards ceremony, including organizing and distributing prizes to players.
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